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Young Jin Taekwondo Center?

Now you can train in the area’s most comprehensive Martial Arts School; while learning directly from a World Famous Master Instructor. Young Jin Taekwondo Center offers to you the numerous virtues of the Martial Arts that include: self-confidence and discipline, physical endurance, flexibility and agility, self-defense ability, and pride.

Young Jin Taekwondo Center develops personality and character that is directed toward the attainment of inner peace and tranquility within one’s self.

How Do I Start?

All new students at Young Jin Taekwondo Center start with an introductory program designed to give them a chance to visit the school, meet the instructor, and find out about the benefits of Martial Arts. In the introductory program, you will find out about our cardio-vascular exercises and how they will increase your endurance and lower your heart rate. We will also show you how to develop your flexibility, and you will be taught some basic self-defense techniques that could help you get out of a difficult situation.

It’s For Everyone
Men, Women and children can take advantage of Young Jin Taekwondo Center programs. Each student, regardless of age, is given personalized instruction and attention, with emphasis on individual ability. People as young as three have started the program and benefited from the specialized care given to each student.
The martial arts develop physical and mental coordination as well as realization. The training and exercises at Young Jin Taekwondo Center involves the development of the entire body and it will keep you trim, fit and in good health, Besides keeping you physically fit, martial arts can be most effective and powerful when used in self-defense.

Through Taekwondo training men competing in today’s society will gain confidence to cope with daily problems and situations. Young Jin Taekwondo Center program will help release tensions caused by constant pressures and responsibilities. Stamina will be increased and an enthusiasm will develop to deal with everyday routines, Through vigorous training students of all ages learn to relax, and to look and feel better about themselves. You will notice the difference-and so will family, friends and employers.


Women of all ages are concerned with how they look and feel. One follows the other - when you feel better you look better. Martial Arts movements are graceful and more interesting than the repetitive exercise formats.

Young Jin Taekwondo Center training offers the opportunity to shed extra pounds and inches and feel invigorated. This feeling of renewed energy helps alleviate the stress and pressures of work and family. It can also make a women feel capable of standing up to a situation. The development of your personal awareness and self-defense potential is very rewarding.


Parents want their children to be strong, respectful and healthy and do well in life. The martial arts program aids in building children’s confidence and character - qualities that help develop leaders.

They learn physical fitness and mental alertness, which give them pride in themselves. This extends to their participation and contributions in the classroom. This new source of energy and physical agility will help them perform better at sports and other activities. They will make friends easier and will respect authority and themselves.

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